Under this title, the UNDP Yemen website published a great success story of Salwa, a thirty-second-year-old Salwa, in the Tibn District, Lahj Governorate. The greatness lies in Salwa’s story as it came from making up for what she lost by giving it to others. Salwa could not complete her university education due to the difficult financial situation she is living with her family, so Salwa decided to help the children of the area learn to read and write. Salwa says, “My desire to help these children improve their education is what sparked my interest and was a motivation and an opportunity for me to get a source of income.” “Women should know how much intellectual and practical wealth they have within themselves,” she added. In 2021, Salwa learned of a joint initiative by CARE International and the United Nations Development Program aimed at helping Yemenis create sustainable livelihood opportunities. Salwa has always been passionate about education and motivated to improve the living conditions for herself and her family, and fortunately, she was chosen as a participant. The financial aspect stands as a major obstacle to achieving great goals. After Salwa was trained to prepare plans for small projects and submit them for obtaining financial funding, Salwa was chosen to receive a financial grant by a joint project of the United Nations Development Program and CARE International. Salwa received (600 dollars) in funding for her own project, which was the opening of a school to teach children. “I was very happy the moment I learned that I was one of the winners of the 336 thousand Yemeni riyals (equivalent to 600 US dollars) grant,” Salwa says. “I was extremely happy the moment I found out I was one of the grant winners,” describes Salwa. “I received a cash grant of 336,000 YER (approximately US$ 600) and went home quickly to tell my family. We were so excited we directly went to the city and bought whiteboards, tables, chairs and other teaching tools for the kindergarten.” “42 students have registered. I charge 4,000 YER for each student, earning a monthly income of 168,000 YER (approximately US$ 280),”. Seventeen years have passed since Salwa started teaching children in a small living room at her parents’ house, and now in a place more qualified to educate children. “This project has served the people in my area as well as my family – we finally got an income that helps us live better,” Salwa says. Salwa obtained a source of income that secures her and her family a better life and provides the people of the region with the service of receiving their children’s education.

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Aladdin AlKadi

Aladdin AlKadi

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