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Khabar Khair (Only Good News)

Development advisers of the European Union (EU), France, Germany and Netherlands missions have visited Aden and Lahj in Yemen over the past days of November, following the visit of the European Union ambassadors from 26-28 October, as the visit was organized with United Nations support.

The European Union website published “the main objective of the visit is to assess needs and monitor ongoing development projects to gain a better understanding of the facts on the ground and the results achieved from projects that focus on livelihoods, food security, local governance, economic development, rule of law, cultural and environmental heritage.”

The mission held fruitful discussions with the ministries of (Planning and International Cooperation, Local Administration, and Human Rights), governorates and districts representatives, the National Commission of Inquiry, local councils, United Nations agencies, local and international non-governmental organizations, project beneficiaries and of women groups and youth representatives.

The numerous visited EU-funded projects have shown remarkable results and tangible long-term benefits despite the difficult situation and ongoing conflict.

The delegation concluded that the long-term development cooperation projects in Yemen essentially complete ongoing humanitarian assistance aiming at promoting more sustainable socio-economic development, alleviating urgent humanitarian needs in Yemen, and projecting a vision for a better future for Yemeni people. Development initiatives directly contribute to stability, capacity building, women and youth empowerment, and to the peaceful resolution of local conflicts.

European Development Advisors are committed to visiting different parts of Yemen more regularly for the purpose of monitoring projects, facilitating interaction with Yemeni counterparts and intensifying coordination within the donor community and between humanitarian, development, and peace-related programmes.

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Khabar Khair Administration

Khabar Khair Administration

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