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Khabar Khair (Only Good News) 

UNESCO have surveyed over 161 historical buildings, rehabilitated 16000 historical buildings in September 2021.

In a statement, UNESCO affirmed its commitment and the European Union’s commitment to continue building the capacity of local communities to protect cultural heritage in Yemen.

It added ” UNESCO and the Social Fund for Development were able to implement emergency rehabilitation works in Sana’a, Shibam, Zabid and Aden that are providing livelihoods support to young male and female beneficiaries as part of the EU-funded project Cash for Work: Enhancing Livelihood Opportunities for Urban Youth in Yemen.”

In the context of supporting local institutions in Yemen, UNESCO and the Social Fund for Development organized capacity building workshops on preserving cultural heritage during emergencies in Sana’a(6-11 November).

According to the statement, UNESCO trained 42 cultural professionals, including decision-makers and experts, on how to intervene during emergencies by forming a team and developing a strategic plan.

The training aims to ensure local institutions willingness to respond and contribute to the protection of cultural assets.

Many historical buildings and sites have been destroyed or severely damaged in Yemen, due to ongoing conflict, climate change and lack of maintenance.

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Aladdin AlKadi

Aladdin AlKadi

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