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With funding from the Japanese government and in partnership with the the Financial Accounting Foundation (FAF) The UNDP has implemented, the (entrepreneurship) project of (Forsati) program, and The Building Resilient Livelihoods and Improving Protections Services for Conflict Affected Communities in Aden and Lahj (BRISCC) project in the governorates of (Lahij – Aden), that will directly target 1,000 Yemenis. .

The project aims to reduce the socio-economic vulnerabilities of target communities and strengthen the resilience of crises-affected communities in Yemen. This objective will be achieved through the development of sustainable livelihoods whilst improving community access to inclusive and safe protection services… small businesses plans submitted by young people will be funded and young people will be trained to collaborate with microfinance institutions and the private sector.

The entrepreneurship program also aims to build the capacities of microfinance institutions, enable them to collaborate with civil society organizations, and provide comprehensive safe protection services to vulnerable populations affected by crises, in addition to providing psychological and social support for beneficiaries through protection networks, and identifying safe and effective spaces in targeted districts and rehabilitate them.

Regarding the business plans submitted, Imad Omar Hassan, one of the program beneficiaries , said: “My own business is about selling  clothes, and by joining this course, I was able to understand how  micro-financing projects are submitted, and the important well-conceived principles that will enable me to expand my business in the future.” His colleague Abdul Rahman Reda, who chose to start  a computer services office business, says: “The implemented program met my professional needs, especially those related to project management, and solving administrative problems that I might encounter when managing my own business.”

Regarding the idea of ​​the project, project manager, Muhammad Murshid, said: “The impact of this project has been positively reflected on youth, and during the last five years that I have been working  on this project, I have noticed  that the project was met with a high degree of interest from young people to take advantage of what this project offers in terms of  developing their capabilities, and the support that enables them to start their own businesses. The target groups were age groups (18-40) years old , each beneficiary was provided  with (800 dollars) that will help them start their own businesses  and encourage  them to get into labor market, after being trained by professional  consultants who follow up the progress of work in their own business that they have started.

The project manager called on donors to focus on supporting youth projects, as The Building Resilient Livelihoods and Improving Protections Services for Conflict Affected Communities in Aden and Lahj (BRISCC) project is the most important project being implemented in Yemen to help youth be more productive, and not dependent on assistance provided by organizations.

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Aladdin AlKadi

Aladdin AlKadi

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