The Saudi Development and Reconstruction Program for Yemen has launched development projects in Aden, including opening the Martyr Ali Asaad Muthanna Sports Hall after refurbishing and equipping it, in order to enable the governorate’s youth to practice various sports activities, in addition to submitting a number of road projects after their rehabilitation, such as Shahinaz Road and Caltex Road Al-Haswa, resuming the works of Altaseen Street and launching works on Abyan Coast Road, as well as 5 wells drilling project in Bir Nasser.

The director of The Saudi Development and Reconstruction Program office in Aden Governorate, Engineer Ahmed Awaji Madkhali, said, “These projects came in response to the needs of various vital Yemeni sectors, in coordination with the local authority in the governorate, including the project of refurbishing the Martyr Ali Asaad Muthanna Sports Hall and equipping it with sports equipment and electricity. In response to the needs of 3,650 beneficiaries from the people of the governorate, and in recognition of the developmental sports impact that promote community integration, raises the level of physical fitness, and achieves lofty objectives that make a positive change in the lives of the people and youth of Yemen, and contribute to achieving social progress in all Yemen.

He added, “road rehabilitation projects in Aden have contributed to enhancing traffic security and safety and improving the efficiency of their use, as such projects facilitate pedestrian crossing, and contribute to smooth traffic flow, facilitate access to health and educational services and business facilities, improve the quality of daily life, and enhance road safety and security. “.

It is worth mentioning that that The Saudi Development and Reconstruction Program for Yemen has provided more than 204 development projects and initiatives implemented in various Yemeni governorates in 7 key sectors: education, health, water, transportation, agriculture, and fisheries, and building the capacity of government institutions to.

Source: Saudi Press Agency

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Aladdin AlKadi

Aladdin AlKadi

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