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Funded by Kuwaiti organizations, HUMAN ACCESS implemented a project to distribute 1,285 food baskets in three Yemeni governorates. The project is part of the “Kuwait Beside You” campaign that has been going on for eight years.

The project is also part of the Ramadan charitable humanitarian work, which aims to provide the basic needs of food for families and the most vulnerable and needy groups, and to restore hope for them.

The Secretary General of the HUMAN ACCESS, Abdulwasea Alwaseai, indicated that the International Islamic Charity Organization in Kuwait provided 400 food baskets. They were distributed to displaced families in Ma’rib governorate and in the city of Mukalla. In addition, Kuwait Zakat House provided 885 food baskets, which were distributed in the governorates of Ma’rib, Hadhramout and Taiz.

Al-Waseai praised the humanitarian support provided by the State of Kuwait to the Yemeni people. He also appreciated its roles in humanitarian projects that contribute to meeting the urgent needs in Yemen.

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Khabar Khair Administration

Khabar Khair Administration

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