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     Strategies adopted by Yemenis to cope with poverty, living costs and its expensive obligations, and to overcome the economic challenges left by the conflict, have varied, as they have worked to innovate industries that are fit the economic conditions of the population.

    And small industries workshops – re-forming scrap iron into various household items – created a new and popular market, the products of which reached the various markets of the Yemeni governorates.

   Skilled workers produce household items, including boxes, wardrobes, and beautifully shaped tables, that can help in light of the rising prices of new imported materials that are necessary to make such things.

    Their products are characterized by accurate measurements and distinct shapes despite the obstacles they face because of this hard work, which indicates the ingenuity of these workers. “. In this regard, Haitham Qaed says: “We find difficulties in converting scrap iron into household tools, and we get tired of transporting and shredding, because it is considered hard work.”

    Qaed explained that the processes of converting scrap iron into kitchen tables go through several steps, starting with the provision of scrap iron tanks, followed by shearing and grinding operations, ending with welding, after that we paint them, and then offer them for sale.

 Haitham Qaid, who owns a shop for scrap rehabilitation in Al-Hasab neighborhood, west of the city of Taiz, confirmed in an interview with “Khabar Khair” website that kitchen tables are bestselling and the most requested, and his shop makes them continuously, noting that he makes other pieces according to the customer’s order.

   He pointed out that the damaged iron materials are collected daily, and he gets at least ten tanks per week.

    Many Yemeni families tend to replace gas stoves with charcoal stoves when cooking, and using inexpensive kitchen tables that suffice, instead of modern kitchens that increase in price every day.

The owners of iron recycling shops collect scrap iron such as damaged tanks, cans of ghee, cheese, and dates, from landfills or buy them from scrap meatal workers.

     Sufian Ahmed (one of the workers in the scrap iron recycling shops) told “Khabar Khair”: We make use of the damaged barrels, we cut them with scissors into small pieces, and we shape them into tables for kitchens and stoves.

    He added, everything is available in terms of work tools, and we make use of cheese cans and cut them into money boxes, stressing that the biggest obstacles they face is the search for iron tanks and damaged barrels.

      The conditions in the country have contributed to the revival of these industries that compete with all products related to cupboards, for storing clothes and personal stuff, and shelves for modern kitchens.

    Household items made of scrap iron are very popular, especially as their prices are low compared to those of imported ones.

    Citizen Jamal Ali believes that the owners of scrap iron rehabilitation shops serve the community by making things that are useful to people at affordable inexpensive prices, because they make use of iron waste and work from the remains of cheese cans. Instead of the citizen buying external production, he buys tools from local industry.

      He said: We thank those creative workers who do such great work to benefit and serve the community, despite the obstacles they face.

      Citizen Jamal Ali called on organizations and government institutions to support these industries and owners of small shops, by providing ferrous raw materials, and providing Abrasive and manufacturing tools, because they depend on manual work more than technical work.

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