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Khabar Khair (Only Good News)

On October 31, Women National Committee, in cooperation with UN Women, organized in Aden Governorate, a workshop entitled “Political Empowerment for Women Partisans” to support positive discrimination and enhance the role of civil society organizations to advance women’s political participation. The workshop was implemented as part of Women National Committee’ project for institutional development to mainstreaming a gender perspective and combating violence against women.

A group of activists in political and partisan work, leaders of women’s organizations, academics, media professionals and journalists participated in the workshop. In the workshop, a paper entitled, “Women in Political Parties: Their Position on the Political Map Before and During the Conflict and Ensuring Positive Discrimination” was presented by Ms. Basima Bamedhaf.

Ms. Athmar Abdulqader Bashaib reviewed her paper entitled, “The Importance of Political Empowerment of Partisan Women and Strengthening their Role in Decision-Making”, and Ms. Maha Awad presented a paper entitled, “The Impact of Political Transformations and War on Women’s Political Participation”.

The papers were enriched with extensive interventions, observations and discussions, which reflected the high level of awareness of Yemeni women and their ability and competence to occupy the highest leadership positions in the country, just like their male counterpart, if not better.

The workshop came out with a number of significant and insightful recommendations,  aiming to enable women to exercise their rights in political and public life, with a percentage of no less than 30%, according to National Dialogue Conference outcomes, and  achieve gender equality.

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Khabar Khair Administration

Khabar Khair Administration

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