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Khabar Khair (Only Good News) – Abdul Jalil Al-Salami

     Many foreign non-governmental organizations are actively working in fund-raising to support orphan children in Yemen, through various projects and programs, and fostering orphans directly or by supporting the orphanage in Yemen.

     Many children have robbed of their childhood in Yemen because of the ongoing conflict, thousands of people were killed, and many children being orphaned across the country due to the conflict.

     Local organizations estimate that around 1,100,000 orphaned children in Yemen need to be supported financially for basic needs such as food, clothes, and school costs.

     The Yemen Relief and Reconstruction Foundation’s Orphans Project – a foreign non-governmental organization – provides sustainable support for over 400 families caring for orphans less than 18 years of age across Yemen.

     According to the United States-based organization, this act of charity will allow these families to have a decent life that provides them with the minimum basic needs: such as food, shelter, education for the children, and healthcare.

     The organization believes without this support, these families would be struggling to feed their members, as they have lost the sole provider for the family.

It is estimated that over 230,000 people have been killed in Yemen since the beginning of the conflict, which left many children in Yemen without income or support.

    (Al-Ameen for Humanitarian Support “IRVD”) with the support and funding of King Salman Humanitarian Aid & Relief Centre “KS Relief” launched the project of “Supporting Yemeni orphans and strengthening their resilience” in several Yemeni governorates.

    The project aims to focus on a complete program in the context of supporting orphans in Yemen, through the sponsorship system and the restoration of rehabilitation, integration, and empowerment of orphans in Yemen.

     Reports on orphans in Yemen states that 60 percent of them cannot complete their education, three percent of those with special needs, and four percent suffer from psychological problems.

    While nine in 100% of mothers of orphans suffer from chronic diseases and disabilities, and 70% of orphan families lack the necessary health services, and unable to buy medicine and bear the cost of treatment in hospitals.

In addition, orphans are the most affected groups by the recent war in Yemen, which has caused a large number of children in general to suffer from many psychological problems that cannot be easily treated in the short term.

        Also, most of the orphans are not currently enrolled in school but have had to work for providing their basic requirements, and some of them resort to begging and others to theft, not to mention that some armed groups have recruited these orphan children to forcibly fight in their ranks.

    In general, the idea of ​​the project of supporting orphans in Yemen depends on providing integrated care for the families of orphans, and economic recovery, through providing shelter and food, as well as educational means for orphans, access to services and ensuring their regularity.

     The project also includes providing psychological and health care for orphans.

Saba Relief & Development Foundation is a registered charity in the UK exclusively focused on raising funds for Yemen.

     The Saba Relief Foundation’s Orphan Sponsorship project asks donors of £25 a month, or £300 a year, a monthly sponsorship that provides the sponsored orphan child in Yemen with regular meals, clothes, and health care.

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