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Education helps secure children’s future as individuals and citizens. Most of those occupying prominent positions in public and private institutions, as well as doctors, engineers, and teachers, and those who are at the top of the largest companies and businesses today, are the outcome of their parents’ investment in their education during their educational attainment.

    Behind every student in basic, secondary, and higher education is a story that allow him to learn, behind which is the father or mother stands, most of it is a journey of struggle to collect money from hard work and invest it in children’s education.

    My children are the future that I seek. They are my future and the future of this country. This is how citizen Abdullah Al-Ahmadi sees his children.

   He works in his small business selling foodstuffs for eighteen hours a day – according to him – to invest his income in educating his children.

He tries to provide them with all possible learning methods so that they can develop their skills and abilities and achieve their dreams, as he is fully aware that they are the future generation they are the ones who would be counted upon for nation building.

     Al-Ahmadi told ” Khabar Khair (Only Good News)”: “whomever spends everything he has on his children’s education will never lose, because he spends it in the right place, and this will reflect positively on the future of his children, and will serve the nation, which is expected of our generations to work on its development and growth.”

     Shukri Abdel Latif also tells ” Khabar Khair (Only Good News)”: His first priority in life is educating his children, and that he works 12 hours a day in order to provide food, school supplies and school fees.

    Shukri Abdel Latif, a father of four children studying at the primary and secondary levels, expresses his happiness for his children’s academic excellence and their achievement of ranks in the top ten list every year.

   Shukri said about his children who achieve high scores in all subjects: “I feel proud every time I watch the results and the competition between them, and I support them with everything I have so that they achieve what I could not.”

      He continued, “I invest everything I save of my low income from my hard work, in educating my children and developing their abilities, and I make sure they’re registered on summer holidays in institutes to take English and computer courses.”

    This is the case for many parents who feel responsible and work sincerely for their children’s future.

   The Human Development Report indicates that Yemen was at advanced stages of eliminating ignorance, and had made progress in education, and total of primary school enrolment is 101 % in 2013.

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Aladdin AlKadi

Aladdin AlKadi

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