The European Commission announced providing additional (119) million euros as humanitarian and development assistance to alleviate the suffering of Yemenis affected by the conflict for more than six years.

The statement, which Khabar Khair (Only Good News) obtained a copy of stated, “(44) million euros of humanitarian funding announced today will be devoted to support displaced populations, poor communities affected by food insecurity, malnutrition and other health crises.

The statement stressed that (75) million dollars of the European Union’s pledges, for development financing, will go to improving the capacity of the population affected by the conflict, through assistance and minimizing the negative impact of the deteriorating economic situation.

The funding announced on Wednesday alongside the United Nations General Assembly meeting has increased, bringing the European Union’s support for Yemen to 209 million euros in 2021.

Yemen suffers the world’s largest humanitarian crisis in , and nearly 70% of the population needs humanitarian assistance.

The crisis affected infrastructure, public services, and national institutions.

 Crisis Management Commissioner, Janez Lenarčič, said: “The European Union is committed to further assist Yemen, calling on the parties to the conflict to give unimpeded humanitarian access and allow the flow of essential goods such as food and fuel.”

Crisis Management Commissioner added: ” humanitarian needs in Yemen are growing, while the response is half-funded, and thousands of Yemenis are starving, and millions more are on the verge of famine.”

He stressed that the European Union supports the political process led by the United Nations, and only peace can end the suffering of Yemenis.

 Jutta Orbilinen, International Partnerships Commissioner, said: “The development financing announced today is a part of the European Union’s pledge to Yemen, and will be devoted to economic expenditures that cover growing humanitarian needs on the ground.

Guetta added “The support will help poor families get food and access vital services throughout Yemen, and will provide support for women’s economic empowerment,”.

This funding helps providing, maintaining, and continuing basic services – such as health, education, water, and energy supply from sustainable sources, and will create employment opportunities and increasing income for poor families by providing them with livelihood opportunities in preservation of cultural heritage sector and supporting Youth and women’s entrepreneurship.

The deteriorating economic situation across Yemen continues to destroy people’s livelihoods, limiting their ability to afford food and basic commodities, leading to increasing humanitarian needs.

The conflict across Yemen continues to put civilians at risk, leading to displacement and damaging infrastructure such as hospitals and schools. Because Imports of food, fuel and medicine are restricted, which leads to rising and falling prices, while humanitarian and development assistance continues to face many obstacles.

The humanitarian needs in Yemen have reached an unprecedented level, the social and economic situation and the coronavirus pandemic are making things worse.

The economic situation continues to deteriorate across Yemen, destroying people’s livelihoods, and limiting their ability to afford food and essential goods, leading to an increase in humanitarian needs.

The conflict in Yemen has displaced nearly five million Yemenis, damaged infrastructure and put civilians at risk.

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Aladdin AlKadi

Aladdin AlKadi

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