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$290 Million Assistance To Yemen From The United States

 The United States announced on Wednesday providing $290 million additional humanitarian assistance to support Yemen 2021 Humanitarian Response Plan, adopted by the United Nations.  A meeting was held alongside the […]

Read More    September 23, 2021

Kuwait Society Launches Drinking Water Project In Sana’a

Kuwait Society for Relief has launched a project to provide drinking water to the affected areas and camps in Sana’a. Kuwait society said on its website, “The project is a […]

Read More    September 21, 2021

Efforts To Mobilize $49 Million For Rehabilitating The Ports of Aden And Mukalla

Khabar Khair (Only Good News) – Abdul Jalil Al-Salami International experts specialized in providing solutions to raise the capabilities of ports recommended a rapid intervention to rebuild the necessary infrastructure […]

Read More    September 20, 2021

UNDP Launches First Waste-To-Energy Plant In Yemen

The United Nations Development Program (UNDP) has launched the first plant of its kind in Yemen in Lahj Governorate, which works to convert waste into energy in a “modern method […]

Read More    September 19, 2021

Kuwait Society For Relief Rehabilitates Al Turba Water System Project

Kuwait Society for Relief launched a project to rehabilitate Al Turba water system. The project consists of making new pipes of 5,000 meters long, starting from the Mokha well in […]

Read More    September 16, 2021

UN Fund Receives $1.3 Million To Assist The Most Vulnerable Women And Girls In Yemen

The United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) has received a contribution of $1.3 million from the Humanitarian Fund to assist the most vulnerable women and girls in Yemen with life-saving protection […]

Read More    September 10, 2021

An International Project Continues Restoring The Capabilities Of Yemeni Critical Services

Khabar Khair (Only Good News) – Abdul Jalil Al-Salmi The Integrated Urban Services Emergency Project in Yemen, that was launched at theend of 2017, continues to restore Yemeni structural and […]

Read More    September 5, 2021

With The Support Of The German Agency And The European Union, The Exchange Forum Held A Workshop To Enhance The Participation Of Yemeni Women In Local Coexistence

    The Exchange Forum on Women’s Participation in Promoting Coexistence at the Local Level in Yemen held a three-day workshop in Aden Governorate, with the participation of women from six […]

Read More    September 1, 2021

The Food And Agriculture Organization (FAO) In Partnership With The Government Of Japan In Yemen Are Working To Restore Agricultural Livelihoods In Yemen

In light of continuous calls by the United Nations and humanitarian organizations about the deterioration of the humanitarian situation, especially in light of the closure measures imposed by the authorities […]

Read More    August 31, 2021

The King Salman Center Provides Support to 65,000 Yemeni Women

The United Nations Population Fund stated that the King Salman Humanitarian Aid and Relief Center has provided protection services support, since January 2021 AD, to 65.000 of the most vulnerable […]

Read More    August 26, 2021