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The Saudi Development and Reconstruction Program for Yemen Launches Development Projects in Aden

The Saudi Development and Reconstruction Program for Yemen has launched development projects in Aden, including opening the Martyr Ali Asaad Muthanna Sports Hall after refurbishing and equipping it, in order […]

Read More    October 21, 2021

Investing $3 Billion for Reviving Development in Yemen

Khabar Khair (Only Good News)- Abdul Jalil Al-Salami      Economists agree unanimously that the difficulties that Yemen is going through with economic collapse have made official development assistance directed toward […]

Read More    October 19, 2021

King Salman Relief Center Provides Services for 8,606 beneficiaries in Hajjah and Assistance to Displaced Persons in Shabwa

Emergency Center for combating pandemic diseases.in Hiran District, Hajjah Governorate, provided its medical services to 8,606 beneficiaries during September 2021, with the generous support of King Salman Humanitarian Aid and […]

Read More    October 17, 2021

With the support of Kuwait Association for Development… 60 residential units are to open in Al-Khokha

Al-Tawasul for Human Development has opened a new residential villlage in Al-Khokha, funded by Development Association for charity in Kuwait. Basmat Amal project is one of the main impact projects […]

Read More    October 6, 2021

Kuwait Society for Relief distributes 100 manual plough machines to farmers in Hodeidah

Kuwait Society for Relief has launched a project to support farmers by distributing 100 manual plough machines to farmers affected by the war in Hodeidah. The project, which is part […]

Read More    October 4, 2021

A UN project funded by the World Bank to improve water and sanitation services for 850,000 Yemenis

The United Nations Office for Project Services, funded by the World Bank, intends to implement a new project in the water and sanitation sector in Yemen, through which it aims […]

Read More    October 1, 2021

UN Projects in Yemen, a Message of Support for Gender

Khabar Khair (Only Good News) – Aden     In his book (Development as Freedom), the Indian philosopher (Amartya Sen) presents an essential aspect of achieving development, which is that freedom […]

Read More    September 26, 2021

European Union Announces 119 Million Euros To Address Humanitarian Crisis In Yemen

The European Commission announced providing additional (119) million euros as humanitarian and development assistance to alleviate the suffering of Yemenis affected by the conflict for more than six years. The […]

Read More    September 24, 2021

$290 Million Assistance To Yemen From The United States

 The United States announced on Wednesday providing $290 million additional humanitarian assistance to support Yemen 2021 Humanitarian Response Plan, adopted by the United Nations.  A meeting was held alongside the […]

Read More    September 23, 2021

Kuwait Society Launches Drinking Water Project In Sana’a

Kuwait Society for Relief has launched a project to provide drinking water to the affected areas and camps in Sana’a. Kuwait society said on its website, “The project is a […]

Read More    September 21, 2021