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KSrelief Initiated the Implementation of a Project to Renovate 50 Damaged Houses in Al-Mahra

Khabar Khair (Only Good News) King Salman Humanitarian Aid and Relief Center (KSrelief) initiated the implementation of a project to renovate 50 damaged houses in Al-Masila District of Al-Mahra Governorate, […]

Read More    December 30, 2021

World Bank Approves US$170 Million in Grant Support for Yemen

Khabar Khair (Only Good News) The World Bank’s Board of Executive Directors today approved two grants for a total of US$170 million to restore critical urban services in Yemen, boost […]

Read More    December 24, 2021

Germany grants US$15.6 million to support displaced and host communities in Yemen

Khabar Khair (Only Good News) The Government of Germany through KfW Development Bank has granted US$15.6 million to UNICEF in support of multi-sectoral interventions to address vulnerabilities of conflict-affected displaced […]

Read More    December 23, 2021

With Funding from KSA and UAE, a New Relief Fund in Yemen

Khabar Khair (Only Good News) – Abdul Jalil Al-Salami      The UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) revealed that the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the United […]

Read More    December 22, 2021

With Funding from The Government of Japan, Distributing 1,000 Financial Grants to Yemenis in Aden and Lahj

Khabar Khair (Only Good News) With funding from the Government of Japan, the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and its local partner, For All Foundation (FAF), began the distribution of […]

Read More    December 21, 2021

KSrelief Inaugurates Educational Labs at Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences at University of Aden

Khabar Khair (Only Good News) The King Salman Humanitarian Aid and Relief Center (KSrelief) inaugurated here yesterday the educational laboratories at the College of Medicine and Health Sciences at the […]

Read More    December 20, 2021

World Food Programme (WFP) Continues Distributing Nutritional Supplement in the Districts of Aden Governorate

Khabar Khair (Only Good News) – Fatima Rashad    Yemen suffers severe acute malnutrition cases, with more than half a million cases in some Yemeni governorates, according to the latest Integrated Food […]

Read More    December 18, 2021

Kuwait Society for Relief Inaugurated the Third Phase of Water Fields and Pumping Station in Abyan and the Solar-powered Water Project of the Republican Educational Hospital in Taiz city

Khabar Khair (Only Good News) Kuwait Society for Relief inaugurated the third phase of Al-Husn (Al-Rawa) water rehabilitation project in Abyan Governorate, which consists of water fields and a pumping […]

Read More    December 17, 2021

The 11th Phase of the Cash Transfer Program is completed by UNICEF and The Social Fund for Development for one Million Four hundred Thousand Beneficiaries

Khabar Khair (Only Good News) With the support of the World Bank and in cooperation with the Social Welfare Fund, UNICEF, and the Social Fund for Development completed the eleventh […]

Read More    December 13, 2021

The SDRPY and the Ministry of Health Sign a Memorandum of Joint Cooperation to Raise the Level of Services Provided in Yemen

Khabar Khair (Only Good News) The Saudi Program for the Development and Reconstruction of Yemen (SDRPY) signed a memorandum of cooperation with the Ministry of Health in the Kingdom, with […]

Read More    December 9, 2021