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Qatar Red Crescent Launches A Program That Supports Community Health In Yemen With A Budget Of Nearly One Million Dollars

Khabar Khair (Only Good News) – Sarah Al-Muhalwi In continuation of the efforts of the Qatar Red Crescent to provide humanitarian and relief services in various regions of Yemen, the […]

Read More    July 8, 2021

“World Food”: $858 Million From Saudi Arabia Prevented Famine In Yemen

 Khabar Khair (Only Good News)– Soad Al-Balkhi In light of UN warnings about the worsening humanitarian situation in Yemen and that Yemen is suffering from the worst humanitarian catastrophe in […]

Read More    July 7, 2021

Funded By The “Kuwait Zakat House”, The Kuwait Relief Society Launches A Project To Distribute 1930 Food Baskets In Three Yemeni Governorates

 Khabar Khair (Only Good News) – Sarah Al-Muhalwi The humanitarian situation in Yemen is deteriorating, and humanitarian efforts are absent or barely amount to the level of human suffering. According […]

Read More    July 7, 2021

In Partnership Between The World Health Organization And The Islamic Development Bank, Strengthening Response Efforts To COVID-19

Khabar Khair (Only Good News) – Soad Al-Balakhi According to a recent survey conducted by the World Health Organization, 90% of countries are experiencing disruption to some of their basic […]

Read More    July 6, 2021

The United Nations Development Program, Funded By Japan, Presents A Project To Support Economic Recovery Efforts

Khabar Khair (Only Good News) – Soad Al-Balakhi The current conditions have led to the deterioration of the local economy, and the sources of income for millions of people, whether […]

Read More    July 1, 2021

The Five Pillars of Success: Salwa’s Story

Under this title, the UNDP Yemen website published a great success story of Salwa, a thirty-second-year-old Salwa, in the Tibn District, Lahj Governorate. The greatness lies in Salwa’s story as […]

Read More    June 28, 2021

Saudi Project Clears 1,186 More Mines In Yemen

The Saudi Project for Landmine Clearance (Masam) in Yemen dismantled eight antipersonnelmines, 284 anti-tank mines, and 892 unexploded ordnance and two explosive devices —totaling 1,186 mines — during the first […]

Read More    June 23, 2021

A UN Fund Provides Emergency Humanitarian Aid Worth 50 Million Dollars

The United Nations Yemen Humanitarian Fund announced, on Tuesday, $50 million inemergency humanitarian aid to Yemen, to support people with special needs, internallydisplaced people and minorities.

Read More    June 23, 2021

$100 Million In International Support For Relief And Development Programs

On Tuesday, the United Nations and the World Bank announced the allocation of $100 millionfor relief and development programs in Yemen. “Thanks to generous donors’ contributions, theYemen Humanitarian Fund (YHF) […]

Read More    June 22, 2021

European Union Supports UNFPA For Lifesaving Aid To Women, Girls And The Displaced In Yemen

Nearly half a million of the most vulnerable women and girls in Yemen will receive emergencyrelief, life-saving reproductive health and mental health services thanks to a EUR 6 millionhumanitarian contribution […]

Read More    June 22, 2021