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Khabar Khair (Only Good News) – Fatima Rashad

 Aden is characterized by the beauty of its picturesque beaches, which people visit from everywhere. This prompted many investors to establish resorts that serve people coming to the city.

    There are well-known names of resorts in Aden, some of them are working, and others are closed due to the most recent events the city has gone through, such as the resorts of the most famous hotels in Aden.

   Muhammad Al-Jaabi (director of one of the resorts in Aden) told ” Khabar Khair (Only Good News)” he receives his visitors at the resort that he runs and offers them entertainment programs such as concerts that are held on Fridays every week, especially those for children.

   Al-Jaabi added: “The resort’s recreational role bring back the smile and joy that most of those affected by the conflict and depression have lost, and the resorts also help provide privacy for families.”

  He stressed ” resorts in Aden provide visitors with a variety of services and affordable prices, and also offer them a special view of the beach,”.

    Al-Jaabi said: ” resorts have created many employment opportunities for young people in various specializations and professions, divided between reception, cleaning, services, maintenance, security and others. Each resort has a management that works on developing a special program to attract visitors and provide services. There is great competition between resorts, as each resort competes with the other in providing services, and comedy shows.

     Actress Omaima Aref (from Clacket Groupe, which presents its comedy theatrical performances), says: “The club offers various shows and entertainment programs between theater and competitions held every week, and I am happy to meet the audience on stage.”

     Saeed Awad (one of the club’s visitors) says: “Every week my family and I visit the resort and we have fun, and we are provided with various segments that we are happy with.”

   Plastic artist Wael Yassin from the Vision Dialogue group presents creative works with the guests at the resort every week by drawing them and selling their paintings that are exhibited there.

     Wael told ” Khabar Khair (Only Good News)”: “We – the Vision Dialogue group – attend every week and work on drawing people who ask us to draw them, so we benefit and benefit other people.”

 He adds, ” visitors here are a mixture of all nationalities and religions, and you feel like you are in another world.”

    On her part, Doaa Ali (one of the resorts’ visitors in Aden) says: “The resorts have been able to draw a smile on many people’s faces, as people seek distinguished services, especially technical ones.”

    Doaa adds, “I attended a party in one of the resorts in Aden where an Indian band performed musical performances. Everyone was happy and cheerful at this party, which managed to touch people’s hearts, and expresses the Indian beauty that appeared in the party crew’s Punjabi outfit.”

Elephant Trunk

    Along the seacoast a small chain of rocks forming the shape of an elephant’s trunk, a resort was established decades ago, called the Elephant Bay Beach Resort. This resort is one of the recreational and tourism venues that share a special place in the hearts of people of Aden.

  Everyone visits this place to take a picture on the edges of those rocks, forming the shape of elephant trunk. The services provided by the resort include children’s games, theatrical performances, and concerts.

    Muhammad Khaled (economic analyst)” spoke to ” Khabar Khair (Only Good News)” about tourism investment, saying: “despite the situation that Yemen is living of high rising prices, some people were able to revive another aspect of investment, and this is what we find in investment in resorts.”

    Khaled added: “Some of the resorts in Aden were able to create a surge in the investment aspect, and this reassures the visitor to Yemen, when he finds the resorts open and providing their services in a good and unimpeded manner.”

     He said, “There are challenges facing all resorts in Yemen, most notably the rise in currency exchange and power and water cuts. elements of viability should be available for these projects to succeed.”

     Even though families face severe pressures due to the conflict, they were able to cope with the emerging situations, and people of Aden were able to create a space of happiness there where families meet in resorts.

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Khabar Khair Administration

Khabar Khair Administration

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