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Khabar Khair (Only Good News)

At Monday (10/04/2023), the second “Saudi Pulse” voluntary program for heart diseases and surgeries was launched and an expansion of the center was opened at the “Nabd Al-Hayat Cardiac Disease and Surgery Center” in Mukalla, Hadhramout Governorate.

In its second phase and under the supervision of a specialized medical staff from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the program will perform about 4900 heart surgeries, including 2500 diagnostic catheterization procedures, 1800 therapeutic catheterization procedures, and 600 open-heart surgeries in 50 camps.

“Nabd Al-Hayat Center”, which is funded by King Salman Humanitarian Aid and Relief Centre (KSrelief), will double the number of operations to become 6 heart operations and 50 catheterization procedures per day.

During the inauguration, the General Supervisor of KSrelief, Dr. Samer Al-Jutaili, indicated that the “Saudi Pulse” program is part of the generous support of KSrelief to reach its lofty goals and the Kingdom’s vision. He thanked all the volunteers in the medical team, “Nabd Al-Hayat Center”, and the interest of the local authority and the Ministry of Public Health and Population.

The head of the “Heart Charity Foundation” and the general supervisor of “Nabd Al-Hayat Center”, Mohammad Bashaib, emphasized the importance of the “Saudi Pulse” program, which is one of 23 agreements that include 4900 operations for patients from all over Yemeni.

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Khabar Khair Administration

Khabar Khair Administration

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