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    A group of Yemeni Americans has used technology to raise money to fund their own organization’s humanitarian projects in Yemen, through social media, platforms, applications, and corporate programs that allow their employees and clients to raise money.

Yemeni Americans established the organization Yemen Aid in 2016 with the sole mission of providing aid to Yemenis on the brink of extreme poverty and famine.

    Based on the annual reports of Yemen Aid, Yemen Aid provides food and medical assistance, promotes water and shelter access, and assists general advocacy efforts.

    The report stated that food baskets were distributed benefitting more than 40,000 people in communities suffering from extreme hunger and displacement, in: Aden, Lahj, Al Hudaydah, Abyan, Taiz, Marib, Al Dhale’, Al Bayda, and Hajjah.

      The organization asserted that it provides specialized food packages to malnourished children for specific dietary needs.

    In the field of Promoting agricultural livelihood projects for farmers, Yemeni Aid provided resources such as: goats and small livestock to farmers, and training on sustainability.

     Regarding medical aid, during the year 2020, the organization distributed over $2 million worth of supplies to hospitals that serve 2 million patients annually.

     In its annual report 2020, the organization indicated that it provided support to the health sector by Intervening in 55 hospitals in: Aden, Lahj, Hodeidah, Abyan, Taiz, Mareb, Dhamar, Al-Dhalae, Hajjah, Hadhramout, Ibb and Shabwa.

    The organization’s support to the health sector includes establishing an Ambulance service program (EMS), distributing dozens of medical shipments to medical facilities, operational support of the ‘Pink Clinic’- Breast Cancer Diagnosis Center – first ever in the province of Lahj, launching mobile clinics to refugee camps and communities facing urgent need in addition to rehabilitating and supporting Al-Dobba Primary Care Clinic.

     The most significant interventions of Yemen Aid ,It has supported water access by building wells, raising awareness about good hygiene practices and aiding the establishment of a camp for refugees, complete with bathrooms, clean water access and solar power.

     Yemeni aid drew attention to the fact that it enabled more than 90,000 people, in the governorates of: Aden, Lahj, Hodeidah, Abyan, Taiz, Marib, Al Dhale’, Hajjah, Ibb and Hadramout, to access clean water.

     According to FAO reports, its interventions in the food security sector includes building more than 60 greenhouses for farmers and operating more than 50 medium and large solar water wells throughout Yemen.

     In addition to supporting families with livestock, distributing agricultural tools and seedlings, and training farmers from vulnerable communities in Amran, Taiz, Lahj, Raymah, Shabwa, Hodeidah, and Dhamar.

    In the field of women’s economic empowerment, Yemen aid has demonstrated supported over 100 women in its women empowerment interventions and will continue to expand economic opportunity to groups facing extra hurdles during conflict.

   Yemeni Aid has also explained that it is working to convey the Yemeni message to the international community through humanitarian relief on the ground in Yemen, and through various advocacy work on international and professional platforms.

    The organization raise money to support the most vulnerable groups in Yemen, by different ways such as urging individuals to establish  fundraising campaigns on “Facebook”.

     Yemen Aid said that Amazon donates 0.5% of the purchase price of eligible products to Yemen Aid when you select us when shopping.

GoFundMe and LaunchGood are American crowdfunding platform that allows people to raise money  and one of the Organization’s most important sources of funding, in addition to access to corporate programs that that encourage staff members to support charitable organizations.

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Aladdin AlKadi

Aladdin AlKadi

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