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   The investment industry in hotels has boomed in Aden governorate and Mocha district in Taiz governorate, where many hotels have been established since 2015, driven by the number of guests visiting them from traders, citizens, and travelers, which reflects the large number of people coming to the temporary capital of Aden and the city of Mocha in Taiz governorate.

   Othman Al-Dhahabani told ” Khabar Khair (Only Good News)”: The hotel industry in Aden is the most recovered sector after the war, and more than 95 percent of the hotels affected by the conflict have been restored and operated.

    Othman Al-Dhahabani, owner of a real estate office, confirmed that dozens of hotels in Aden were rented out through his office to Yemeni investors abroad, stressing that most of the hotels that had been suspended due to the conflict, whether because of the damage they suffered or the ones that have been looted, were rented to investors with amounts starting from 3,000. dollars and not more than 9 thousand dollars a month.

  The city of Aden has witnessed the construction of more than 10 new hotels since 2015, including 5 hotels in the Khor Maksar district, and the rest of the new hotels are distributed among the rest of the districts.

   According to the statistics of the Tourism Office in Aden after the war, the total tourist facilities in Aden are 180, including 70 hotels, and they are classified as three and four-star hotels, and the demand for their services has increased due to travelers through Aden International Airport, the only air port in Yemen currently, due to the conflict.

   The prices of hotel accommodation in Aden have increased due to the increase in demand, and hotel accommodation prices range between 15,000 and 40,000 riyals per night.

    Despite the recovery in demand for hotel services in Aden, the most prominent hotel establishments that were damaged by the conflict are still closed and not renovated and qualified, namely: Aden Hotel in Khor Maksar district, Gold Moor in Tawahi district, Mercure Hotel in Sirah district, and Al Qasr Hotel.

  hotel industry in Mocha city is also witnessing a demand that exceeds the absorptive capacity, under an unprecedented growth movement in the hotel industry since the beginning of 2017.

   Two new hotels were opened in the Mocha district mid of this year, the Bin Saif Hotel and Tourist Suites, and Al-Yaman Al-Saeed Hotel, to accommodate the increase in the number of guests who have difficulty booking private rooms in four hotels.

     Mocha, Al-Rasheed, Adwaa Yemen, Al-Khaleej, Al-Yemen Al-Saeed, and Saif Tourist Hotel and Suites form the strength of hotel industry in Mocha, but their accommodation capacity is still modest, compared to the population increase that has occurred in Mocha since 2017.

   The prices of a single room range from 8 to 20 thousand riyals per night, while the prices of a double-use room reached to 30 thousand riyals.

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Tamara Boulos

Tamara Boulos

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