Khabar Khair (Only Good News)– Abdul Jalil Al-Salami

Technology has made remarkable changes in people’s lives, it has reduced distance, and time, and created benefits for the individual, society, and economy. Smartphones and the Internet have played a key role in the growth of trade and electronic services internationally.

    Recently, online commerce through commercial sites and applications has developed rapidly in gulf states and some Arab countries, affected by the developed world that have made considerable financial returns in this regard.

    Service and marketing applications which provide hotel services, car rental, ordering and delivering meals from restaurants, in addition to applications in the banking sector, payment for services, such as electricity and phone bills, money transfers, and currency exchange rate applications have emerged in Yemen.

      There are many online stores in Yemen which have made it easier for individuals to shop and meet their needs, such as: Yemen Deal Store, Warzan Store, Oki Store, and Rashin Store. These stores offer, through their online platforms, a variety of commodity and service products.

   There are banking applications, payment applications, delivery applications, service applications, and online shopping items Yemen nowadays.

    First online applications in Yemeni market were the Cooperative and Agricultural Credit Bank’s application, and CAC Bank application.

    Engineer Mukhtar Diab told ” Khabar Khair (Only Good News)” that “online services” application in Yemen have achieved a remarkable success that is shown in the interest and confidence of consumers, such as Tawseel company’s application, Tasahil Company’s application, and the application of Wajabat Company.

    Engineer Mukhtar Diab explained that online commerce needs an infrastructure including electricity, Internet, database centers that has servers and internet lines, as it can handle hundreds of thousands of operations daily.

    Bazzari is the most famous site for buying and selling in Yemen, which has the same characteristics as the application, but you log in to it through a website. It started in 2017, and in 2020 bought two hundred cars, and this is a proof of the success and growth of online services in Yemen.

    Indicators show a grow in online services market in Yemen, because of having infrastructure and having data center, especially since we overcame the obstacles that limit the rapid success of electronic services, including electricity and optical fibers.

   According to workers in programming and information systems in Yemen, online services in Yemen lack online payment, as the price of the commodity is paid in cash when it is delivered to the client (the consumer), and sometimes the client refuses the product and here when some problems occur.

  The global demand for online services is an indication of the world’s economy’s tendency to adopt economic plans that keep pace with the world of electronic applications.

   Broadband Internet services and the uninterrupted availability of electricity, with the widespread use of smart phones in Yemen, are the most important factors that guarantee success and fast financial returns for the economy, companies, and individuals.

   The number of Internet users in Yemen is about 7,659,884 users, which is about 27% of the population by the end of 2020.

     Data indicate a larger number of mobile phone lines from 15.7 million lines in 2014 to 18.6 million lines by the end of 2019.

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